Kalimpong -- 5 things one should never miss

by Tandrima Chattopadhyay
09 Dec 2017


My first visit in Kalimpong was in 2004, the most memorable trip it was -- honeymoon trip. Then I came here in 2012 and again in 2017 but I never missed these 5 things in any of my trips. 

1.    Morgan House

          Morgan House

I can tell you the best place to stay at Kalimpong, it is the Morgan House. I came to know about this wonderful property from a friend of mine. Her profile picture background at Whatsapp was telling the story of Britain, bricked walls wrapped in green ivy. Yes, it was Morgan House in the background. Silence, royalty, nature and the Kanchenjungha ----all define this property.

   Kanchenjungha from our room

Our stay at Kalimpong in2017 was just to relax for 2 days at the Morgan House in the room known as the room of Mrs.Morgan. This property has the tag of a haunted affair. But the ghost of Mrs Morgan was not interested to meet me (I was not either). However, the property was awesome and the view of Kanchenjungha from our room was mesmerising.  They have some annexe building, but I don’t think they will be as good as the main building.

   Morgan House at night

By the way, at night this property looks really haunted – lighted building and darkness around— does it remind you of the movie Ghost House (2017) by Rich Ragsdale?

How to book Morgan House

It can be booked online through West Bengal Tourism website ( www.wbtdc.gov.in)

Kalimpong Tourist Lodge (Morgan House)

Ringkingpong Road, Kalimpong -734301

Phone No-( 03552)283292, Mob-9733008776

Room Rent for Room No-101 ( Mrs.Morgan’s Room) -Rs. 3500/-

e-mail : morganhousetl@gmail.com

There is another good hotel from WBTDC near Morgan House, It is


kalimpong | +91-9836621300



2.   Golf course


       Golf Course

The golf course of Kalimpong is very near to this property of WBFD. In 2004 we, as a newly married couple, came here and the golf course was then open to all. Now it is well maintained by the Indian Army and the entrance is restricted. We, somehow, got permission to enter and the memory of two is enriched with the memory of three this time.

3.   Durpin Monastery


        Durpin Monastery

Durpin Monastery is a place which I can never ignore in my any type of visit in Kalimpong. The serenity of its ambience is its beauty. The golf course is seen from the top of this monastery.  Near the monastery, a helipad has been constructed by the Indian Army.


4.   Pine View Nursery


Pine view Nursery is a heaven for flower lovers, almost 1500 variety of cacti are found here. They sell cacti bulbs at a reasonable price. In 2004, I met the founder of this nursey Mr.Pradhan. He described us his journey from a small nursery to a global standard one. During my visit in 2012, I came to know that he was no more but I felt his presence everywhere in that colourful world of the silent lives.

   Cacti in Pine View Nursery and with Mr Pradhan                                                                                                              

Other nurseries are also there for sale good plants and bulbs. This time I bought Aegilia of different colours from a small nursery, but the plants are good in quality.

5.   Deolo Hill

  Deolo Park

Kalimpong is famous for Deolo Hill, actually, Kalimpong is in between two hills ---Durpin Hill (on which Durpin Monastery is built) and Deolo Hill. Deolo hill is popular for its scenic beauty and view of the Bhutan border. My son enjoyed his horse ride here very much. A panoramic view of nature will surely fill your soul with satiety as was mine. Though not as decorated as the botanical garden in Ooty,  may be called a miniature form of that beauty. 

Deolo has some good accommodation.

Deolo Tourist Lodge

Address: Deolo, Kalimpong
West Bengal 734316
Reception Phone: +919641226658 / +918388984243

Maximum Room Rate: INR 3500
Minimum Room Rate: INR 2100

One last thing I must mention about Kalimpong, this is a place for shopping so don’t forget to have a piece of Thangka or any relic from this hill town.


How to reach Kalimpong

Car from New Jalpaiguri Station