Dawki : an image of tranquility

by Tandrima Chattopadhyay
01 Nov 2017

“Dawki !! that river with crystal clear water !! how far is it?” excitement was evident in the voice of my son. But our driver disheartened us with the news that as it was raining for last few days, the river water might not be that clear. It was true but the beauty we have seen on our way and the monsoon charm of river Umngot made the (almost two-hour) journey to Dawki from Mawlynnong successful.

Dawki is in the Jayantia Hills. As this area is almost on the eastern frontier of India, Army takes care of the roads here. On the way to Dawki from Mawlynnong, various types of waterfalls will entertain a traveller but some of them are simply awesome.

                                                      Bophill Waterfalls

 Bophill is such a pretty waterfalls with its full-grown beauty, meandering magic and majestic stretch. A rainbow in the water bubbles will make you forget to move forward. Don’t forget to take permission of the army for clicking your camera here.

                                                                        Rainbow in Bophill and Bophill flowing down to Bangladesh


This fall moves on to the Sylhet District of Bangladesh in the form of a river with its large water resource and minerals. 

  Wah Krip is another fall worth mentioning. Its force and grandeur made me spellbound for some time. A really picturesque waterfall is this.

                                                                  Wah Krip 

As we move to Dawki, Bangladesh Border can be seen at some odd turns of the hilly path.

The bridge over the river Umngot can be crossed by a car but photography is strictly prohibited on the bridge. Cross the bridge, reach the other side of the river and you are just on the other side of Bangladesh border. It is interesting to stand here with one foot in Bangladesh while the other is strongly rooted in India.


     Boats on Umngot River

A boat ride is a must here to enjoy the beauty of the Umngot river. On being asked about the crystal-clear water of the river, the locals said it is available in winter. Though I was not completely convinced, I love to explore this myth sometime in winter.                        

                                                           A boat ride on the umngot                            

Many go to Tamabil, the last village of India to visit our neighbouring country Bangladesh. We also went. It is in the plains and coming down from hills this place seems to be very hot to romanticise our nostalgic historical hangover about the tragedy of partition. We met some Indian Army there and they were really warm in their behaviour. One or two selfie with them energises those young fellows spending their days and nights for the security of our country.


         Tamabil Border

Biscuits and snacks of Bangladesh are available here.

Shnongpdeng Village is 7.5 km (approx.) far from Dawki and it is the perfect place to have your lunch. At Bright Star Camp you can have a good lunch. Interested tourist can stay here at their homestay also and can enjoy Camping beside the river, trekking, boating, river rafting etc. Contact at brightstarsynrem@gmail.com for details.


 A perfect place for camping 

Now it is time to come back to Shillong. On the way, our driver took us to krang Suri Waterfall. Stone stairs are going down taking interested people near to the falls to enjoy its beauty.


   Krang Suri Waterfalls

The beauty of Jayantia Hills is better to be enjoyed between October to March, before monsoon if you are there with your family. To enjoy the adventure of monsoon you must visit this place in July.



  The bridge over the Umngot