Hello friends, this is Tandrima Chattopadhyay a travel maniac to spur your wishes to travel to beautiful places near and far.

Why do I write a travel blog

I travel a lot with my family. I thought of preserving my travel details in writing along with the recipes I found from the locals I met at various places. Often, I used to share it with my friends to help them in their travel planning. At this time the idea of beginning a blog of my own struck me, so I started “Tandrimablog”. Now all my travel activities I want to share with you, you and you. So I am here with “Roammania”.

What else I wish to do

Life without adventure and challenge is deadly. Travelling is the call that knocks the ‘Ulysses’ within us. We live to explore, to create and to enjoy. Food comes as a fuel to our journey. Here ,in this blog I will tell the stories of my travel experiences and will try to serve necessary information for those who love to travel. I will also share the recipes that I taste at various places. Roaming has made me a maniac and I hope to help other maniacs in their roaming mania.

Why a website not only a blog

Well, I started my journey from a village full of greeneries. A colourful sky with various shades has always baited my mind to explore different dimensions of this brave journey called LIFE. A blog would have told you only my travel experiences, but my soul wants to say something more. My feelings, my poertry…..my adventures, my experiences as a teacher and as a mother of a bright and handsome son -- I would like to share with you all to make our journey of life memorable.

My travel stories are not those of a backpacker. This is the story of a traveller who has two outstanding companions ----my husband and my son. They take all the troubles of travelling to some odd places (sometimes) according to my wild plans and make every problem of my life simple and humorous. Without them nothing was possible and will never be possible. Actually this is a venture of “threesome awesome”.

Come on…let us begin our journey. Let us ‘drink life to the lees’!!